Top Reasons Why Your Bathroom Sink Gets Clogged and What You Can Do

The use of drain cleaning equipment from around the world has been shown to reach a total amount of more than half a billion dollars. Spending this much to stop your sinks from clogging should not happen when you know how to avoid clogged sinks. It is during these times that you will require the expert services of a plumber near me. But then, always keep in mind that there are preventive measures that you can also take so that your problem will not worsen.

There are various causes as to why a blocked sink happens. You will learn more about them here. From these causes, you do not need to immediately hire a plumber near me because some can just be prevented by you.

The common causes of clogged sinks can be numbered from one to five. These cause begin with dirt, soap, hair, small items, and damaged pipes.

Your sink is primarily used to wash some dirt right off you. Exposing it to a little dirt means that it can handle it. The problem with dirt, however, is that they build up and block your pipes in time. This is often caused by having big lumps of dirt and mud in your pipes. The best solution for this problem is to shake off excess debris from your hands before you go on and wash them in your bathroom sinks. It is time to find a plumber near me when the problem persists.

Another common cause of clogged sinks is soap. Conventional soap is comprised of grease or fat. The end result often becomes soap scum. Clogging happens when soap scum hardens your pipes over time. Your fittings and taps also get some stains. A pressure washer can get rid of all of these residues. Even so, in terms of prevention, use liquid hand cleaners instead of soap. If all else fails, find a plumber near me for resolution of the problem.

Another common cause of sink blockage is hair. The thing about hair is that it serves as the perfect meetup place for your soap scum and dirt. The end result is a creation of an almost-solid plug that would block the water from draining. There are dedicated products that can look after removing the hair that is found lodged into your pipes. When you feel that the process is too foreign for you or you just do not know which equipment to use, then you better get in touch with a reliable plumber near me. The use of the internet is one of the best ways for you to get a good list of possible plumbers for hire in your area. Even so, you may secure a drain guard if you want to prevent any hairs from blocking your pipes. They function by catching the hair before they go into your pipes.