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Ziverdo Kit


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Ziverdo Kit- An Amazing Quadruple Therapy Kit You Should Be Aware Of

  • The rate at which the human health standards are decreasing leads to the importance that you as a person should be aware of the common medicines. Moreover, the world is under the infestation of coronavirus, which is deadly, which increases the importance of having great knowledge of the medicines. That is why we are here to help you and the medicine which we will be discussing today is Ziverdo Kit. the importance of this kit has increased at least 100 times during the covid times, and the main reason behind this is the action that this medicine takes in our body.
  • So, if you are willing to know the details of the Ziverdo Kit, then you should stay connected. 

About Ziverdo Kit

  • Ziverdo Kit is a medicinal kit that comprises of three most important drugs. The first one is zinc acetate which is used when the person faces a deficiency of the zinc micronutrient in the body. The next is the ivermectin that is the basic salt used for the treatment of infestation of roundworms. All the people who are suffering from the issue of filariasis, scabies, etc., can depend on this medicine, and the last medicine in the kit is Doxycycline. The medicine is used as an antibiotic that cures the issue of chest congestion, bacterial skin infections, and some STDs also.

The amount of salt that is present in every tablet is discussed below. 

  • Zinc Acetate- Each tablet of zinc acetate consists of 50 mg of salt. 
  • Doxycycline– this is a tablet in which 100 mg of salt is incorporated in each tablet. 
  • Ivermectin– the amount of ivermectin salt that is placed in 1 tablet is 12 Mg. 

These three are the standard salt amount which is decided to complement each other. 

What Is Ziverdo Kit Used For?

  • The Ziverdo Kit is basically used for overcoming the nutritional deficiency in the body, but now it is used for the treatment of the coronavirus patient, which is on the rise for the past year. When the medicines present in the kit are taken in a proper way, then it is going to produce a synergic effect. The synergic effect is going to stop the virus from entering the human cells. This way, the virus will not be able to acquire the human cell, and their growth will be struck. After some time, the immune system of the body will find a way to kill the stunted amount of virus that is present in the body, and this way, the virus is removed from the body by this kit medicine.
  • All you need to do is get yourself checked by the physician, and they will tell you the dose that is to be taken in a proper manner. If you change the time of the medicine, then it is going to produce less effect, and the chances of the growth of the virus will increase, failing the purpose of taking medicine.


  • The dose of the Ziverdo Kit is fixed in the kit. The kit is designed in a way that it is going to last for a period of 4 days. In the kit, there are ten capsules of doxycycline and 17 tablets of ivermectin and zinc acetate.  Of this, 14 tablets are of zinc acetate, and there are only three tablets of ivermectin 12 Mg in the Ziverdo Kit. All the tablets are required to be taken once a day which means that ivermectin will last for three days, then zinc will last for 14 days, and doxycycline is going to last for ten days.

Missed Dose

  • As we have discussed that the medicine is coordinated with each other and will cause a problem if you miss any one of them. It will show zero effects on the body if you miss any of the doses. That is why you should always set alarms for taking medicine. Still, if you miss the dose, then you have to contact your physician and ask them that how you can make up for the medicine without harming the full therapy action.


  • The medicine overdose means that you have successfully ruined the medicine cycle, and above that, your body is also going to show some negative effects of the medicine overdose. That is why you should contact the consultant and ask them that how you can save your body from any kind of negative side effects.

How To Take Ziverdo Kit?

Taking the Ziverdo Kit may seem complicated to a few people, but it is not. It is as simple as taking other medications. Just follow the dew rules, and you will notice that the medicine is going to work very well for you.

  • Water and food are very mandatory for consuming medicine. You should take plenty of water and eat food after some time of medicine consumption to getting the best results and saving your body from side effects.
  • Breaking and chewing of the tablet or opening of the capsule are done by many people, which should not be done.
  • A gap between all the medicine consumption should be kept properly that is suggested by the physician. 

Can I Buy This Drug Online?

Yes, you can easily buy the drug online, and moreover, it is a very good decision if you are thinking to do so due to the following reasons.

  • You are on your way to enjoying some high-quality medicine which is going to show some better results. 
  • The prices offered by the online websites are very competitive and are way too low than the offline pharmacies. 
  • You don’t have to step out of the home in such a serious covid period for buying this medicine. 


  • Discussing your complete medical history and medications is very important for all the physician who is suggesting you the medicine. 
  • Medicine should be taken at the proper time. 
  • You should never store the medicine in damp places. 


  • If you are a heart, liver, or kidney patient, then you need to consult a physician before taking Ziverdo Kit.
  • Alcohol can be dangerous for your body if taken with Ziverdo Kit along with cigarettes and marijuana. That is why you should avoid them as much as possible. 
  • The medicine consumption may not be safe for pregnant and breastfeeding ladies. 
  • Grapefruit should not be consumed as well with the Ziverdo Kit. 

Ziverdo Kit Tablet Side Effects

  •  Your body is going to experience a bit of headache and nausea due to Ziverdo Kit. 
  • Dizziness and drowsiness are commonly faced issues by Ziverdo Kit. 
  • You may feel a change in your sleeping cycle and restlessness in your body. 
  • Stomach pain and a loss of appetite are also very common in the body. 
  • One may also notice diarrhea which can disbalance your body. 
  • Copper levels in your body may notice a dip. 
  • There may be a decrease in levels of cholesterol in the body below the required levels. 


Is This Drug Being Safe?

  • The drug is very safe from the human point of view. But there are a few interactions in the body and issues due to which the medicine is not safe for them. That is why you should ask your physician always regarding safety.

Is Ziverdo Kit Be Used For The Rest Of Your Living?

  • According to us, there is no need to taking medicine for the rest of your living. Once the issue you are facing is completely cured, you can stop the treatment. But if you need the medicine to be consumed every day for the rest of your living, you can also take that.

Does Ziverdo Kit Work??

  • Yes, the medicine is working very well in completing the nutrition incompetencies of the body. Moreover, now it is also showing some very good results for the people who are suffering from the covid-19 virus. They generate a very good synergic effect in the body. 

How Much Ziverdo Kit Should I Take?

  • The medicine does decide by the physician, and all you need to do is follow them on what they advise. Never stop taking medicine without the physician’s discussion and confirmation.

Does Ziverdo Kit Make You High?

  • The Ziverdo Kit will never make you high. You can only notice dizziness and nausea due to medicine. Many people often tend to confuse this with getting high. 

12 Kit/s, 20 Kit/s, 4 Kit/s, 40 Kit/s, 6 Kit/s, 60 Kit/s, 8 Kit/s

Active Ingredient (Generic Name)

Zinc Acetate 50 mg, Doxycycline 100 mg & Ivermectin 12 mg


Treating COVID-19


Mankind Pharma Ltd


1 Kit/s


Zinc Acetate 50 mg, Doxycycline 100 mg & Ivermectin 12 mg

Delivery Time

6 To 15 days


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